Hey, I’m Matt.

portraitLike you, I have been dealing with temptation my whole life. When I was first in recovery, I would be up late one night and a thought would come in my head to jump on my computer. Whatever the excuse was to log on, in the back of my mind the desire to look at porn was always the real motivation.

Hours later, I would realize that I just fell back into the very thing I didn’t want to do.  What a waste!

The Temptation Cycle

Temptation is an unhealthy desire that comes from within. Once thought of, we choose to act on the desire. As we continue to act on unhealthy desires they lead to our slow death. This pattern is soul crushing. It destroys our confidence and self-esteem. It makes us feel powerless and out of control.

I was thinking, what techniques can we use when tempted? Something that we could do between the desire and the action. So I listed them here in 10 powerful exercises.

breakglass_box_ds_smallWhenever you experience temptation you can pull up this document. This document is a tool, not an eBook.

- It is short on purpose
- It’s made so you can go through it quickly
- Put it on your desktop or bookmark for quick access

For most, just picking 1 or 2 these exercises will disrupt the temptation cycle. For some, who are bold enough, you may choose to do the Decathalon. All ten in a row.

So here’s exactly what you’re getting:

  • You get the Break In Case of Emergency Guide which is a 12 page PDF document.
  • The document has 10 powerful exercises inside for dealing with temptation in the moment.
  • It’s 10 dollars. Cheap enough to buy now without regret. Costly enough to make sure you use it later.

Here's what it looks like:

Remember this is not a document that you read once and forget about it. It's made to use in the MOMENT, when you're on the EDGE, to jolt you back to safety.

Use it wisely and it could save your butt today. God’s speed.


Matt Dobschuetz
Coach and Host of Pornfree Radio

Break Glass In Case of Emergency

10 Ways To Deal With Temptation in the Moment

  • 12 page PDF document.
  • 10 powerful exercises you can do when tempted. Each is one page long.
  • 30-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.