How Would It Feel to Be Porn Free?

30 Days, 90 Days, 1 Year, or More?

It’s possible and I will teach you how!

If you want to stop looking at porn and you’re sick of failing. Start here.



Does this sound familiar?

You’re having a quiet evening at home and the next thing you know you’re binging on porn for hours like some kind of monster (Metallica reference intended.)

The next day, you beat yourself up for not having self-control. For never being able to be able to deal with your lust. For giving in when things get hard.

You try and convince yourself it’ll be the last time.

But nothing changes.


There's a Better Way.
I Know Because I Found It.

I Have Been Porn Free Since 2011.

I had been covering my secret with porn for as long as I can remember.

My hidden world was exposed when my wife caught me watching porn in 2001.

I knew I needed to change. Fear of wrecking my marriage was a strong motivator. I committed to take action. It took me 10 years of trial and error, but eventually I found what worked.

Since 2011, I have been 100% porn free. And I’ve taught thousands of men to do the same through my podcast and book.

Deep down there’s a part of you that can picture yourself porn free.

But just as you think that, the doubt creeps in… Can I really quit? What if I fail and end up back at square 1?

I believe YOU can make it.

It’s not a trick. It’s not a “brain reboot.” It has everything to do with changing your habits.

Becoming the type of man who does not look at porn.

This is what I want for you. You deserve to change your life.

I can teach you how to quit porn in a simple, straight forward way.

But it’s time for you to take action.


Here's What Others Got Out of My Free Course…

I had failed so many times to quit porn on my own.

This training made sense to me. The monthly worksheet gave me the structure I needed and it made it easy to share my recovery plan with my accountability partners.

I have not watched porn since 8/29/22 and continue to work the plan.


I had lost all hope of ever gaining freedom.

I did Matt’s training in 2016. And I can't imagine a month without this tool because it allows me to be intentional and live porn free. I've had more victory days in the past eight years than the rest of my life combined.



My Free Course
Is for You If...

Stop wasting energy trying to think your way out this.

Porn is not working for you. If it was you would not be reading this.

There’s a picture you have of yourself free and in control. I want to help you achieve this. If I did so can you.




1-on-1 Coaching

Powerful 1-on-1 coaching has helped me take action and transform my life. It can do the same for you. Work directly with me as your coach.

REV Group Coaching

Find connection and support with a group of like-minded men committed to living porn free. Large and small group format available.

Your Porn Free Playbook

Build a rock-solid recovery plan with my 7-day video course. I hold nothing back. It’s the exact system, I use with my paid coaching clients to achieve freedom from porn


The porn free
radio podcast

Matt Dobschuetz is your guide for going porn free each week on the Porn Free Radio podcast. Listen to the most recent episode or browse the archives.

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Porn Free:

Becoming the Type of Man That Does Not Look at Porn

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