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REV GROUP Coaching


Have you been working on quitting porn for a while and are not getting the results you want? It’s probably not due to a lack of trying.

For most guys, it’s one thing that’s missing: accountability.

It’s been said that “the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection.”

I created REV group coaching for men who need more connection. REV stands for revolution. In order for you to get free from porn you need to start doing things differently. 

REV group coaching is weekly group coaching. It’s confidential with high accountability. We meet through secure video conference. Each group is led by an experienced coach who has walked this path of recovery.

REV Group Coaching

REV Changed the Game

Guys have described this group as a game changer. “The best thing they have ever done in recovery.” They have had real results also. I just a got a note today from a guy who just celebrating 150 days porn free. The group has made the difference. You could be next.

Apply today to join REV.

Take hope and take action,

Matt Dobschuetz
Coach and Host of Porn Free Radio

REV gave me concrete tools and put me into a community willing to hear me and hold me accountable…Matt has deep insights to the addiction and cares for those in his program. His feedback was “right on target.” I would recommend REV for anyone but most particularly those who are stuck.


74 year old married man, retired


The REV group is the first time I felt like I could talk about my experiences in a judgement free place. Sharing and hearing the guys stories and struggles helps me learn and understand my own relationship with porn… I highly, highly, highly recommend REV coaching to guys without a solid support group. It has changed the game for me.


26 year old man with a long term girlfriend



This is a confidential, online group for men only.


Are you 100% Porn Free?

My bottom lines are: no pornography and no fantasy. I have also eliminated other nagging habits such as: masturbation, Instagram, Tim Tok. Google image searches, YouTube Surfing, trying to circumvent filters, and objectifying women in public.

Is this group confidential?

The REV group is for men serious about recovery. Each man agrees to keep the confidentiality of the group. Group sessions are not recorded. You also can control what and how much you disclose. (Example: your location, occupation, etc.)

Why does it cost so much?

REV Group Coaching is an investment in your self care and recovery. It ensures your commitment and attention. Each man in the group has invested which creates a higher level of safety and commitment.

Will I be able to talk to my coach directly?

A coach is on every call to give feedback and input along with the other men. We have group check-ins each week, plus you will have dedicated hot seats where you get personal attention.


Can you guarantee recovery?

The answer is simple. If you will honestly face the truth about yourself and your addiction; if you will depend on the help and support of others; if you commit to a plan and the habit of ruthless honesty; and, most important, if you are willing to give up trying to solve this on your own. I believe you can indeed join the ranks of those who recover.

For questions, contact me at matt@recoveredman.com.