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005 Pornfree Travel, Hotel Tips, and Trip Planning

Staying pornfree while traveling doesn’t happen by accident. It takes work. In this episode I give some of my best tips for travel and hotels. I also walk you through T-UP, a planning exercise, I go through before each trip.

Smartphone Charging in the BathroomHoteTips for Staying Pornfree

  • No TV
  • Smartphone in bathroom
  • Do not use the internet in the room
  • Lock computer in rental car
  • Avoid long unaccountable time in your room
  • Bring a real book

More Safe Travel Tips (especially to support NoFap)

  • Limit alcohol use
  • Set a bed time where you will be in bed lights out
  • Set morning exercise goal
  • Text or check in with someone at home daily
  • Don’t give into the lie that nobody sees me, so nobody loves me
  • Find meaningful ways to connect with others while traveling
  • Boundary: no 1-1 in hotel room with other people
  • Make a travel plan and share with those keeping you accountable (see below)

Making  TUPlan (courtesy of my friend John)

  1. Take a piece of paper length wise.
  2. With a pen divide into three columns.
  3. Label them T – U – P

T is for Triggers List all possible triggers on the trip.


  • Being Alone
  • Family
  • Cable TV/Spectravision
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Vegas, tradeshows, environment
  • Staying out late

U is for Unsafe Places List all unsafe places. These are places or things you cannot go to.


  • Unfiltered Internet
  • Strip Clubs
  • Bars
  • Going out with you old high school friends
  • Smartphone in bed

P is for Plan This is what you are going to commit to while traveling.

  • List things that you can do to limit access to triggers
  • List some positive goals you will set for the trip that you will commit to doing
  • Set a consequence for the trip (listen to Episode 004.)
Austin 2014 T-UP
Austin 2014 T-UP

So before your next trip make a plan. If not you will most likely have a reset.

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