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323 – PFR Classic: 5-Minute Self Care Habits

Do you struggle making time for self care?

Do you suck at being creative?

In this classic Porn Free Radio episode, we break down 15 self care habits that take 5 minutes of less.

Now it’s prescriptive- I try to match your problem or need to a corresponding habit.  And my hope is this will inspire your own creativity to see what’s possible in recovery.

Problem/Need 5-Minute Habit
01. Romance Read Poetry
02. Lack of Peace Breath Meditation
03. Visually Stimulated Art Appreciation
04. Masturbation/Idle Hands Drawing, Wood Working, Model Building, Legos
05. Cluttered Mind Philip Glass
06. Boredom Go for a walk (Call a friend)
07. Low Energy Make a healthy smoothie
08. Obsessive Thoughts Scripture Memorization
09. Worried About Money Be Generous
10. Horny Stair Drills or Cold Showers
11. Anger Heavy Metal Therapy
12. Intimacy connection with wife Do the dishes
13. Healthy Touch Connect with kids in your life
14. Feeling Out of Control 5-Minute Journal
15. Brain Candy Keep a queue of classic movies (Before 1960)


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