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336 – My 12 Provocations Pt. 1 with Vern Tompke

My book, Porn Free: Becoming the Type of Man Who Does Not Look At Porn, is known for its provocative statement, “Porn is not the problem for us. It’s the solution.”

In the first of two episodes, Coach Vern Tompke from Finding Traction joins me, as I share 12 more provocations aimed at challenging your recovery thinking.

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My 12 Provocations (1-6)

  1. I am recovered not recovering (or in recovery.)
  2. Being Porn Free is not the most important thing in my life.
  3. Dopamine is not bad. Nor am I addicted to it.
  4. Porn is not a substitue for sex and intimacy.
  5. I still like porn.
  6. The type of porn I look at does not make any difference is my ability to recover.



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